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Breech stories

Rachael W.

I woke up in June of 2015 feeling different…
I was nearly thirty-nine weeks pregnant, but my middle felt like it was a different shape and all of the baby’s movement were in different places.
At my next checkup, my midwife found a little head up under my ribs.


She wasn’t worried. She said I had lots of fluid in there and time for baby to flip right back again.

I did things to help him get back to a better position. Nothing worked. I didn’t like getting kicked in the cervix. That hurts!

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Johanna L.

I found out I was pregnant with my second child around April of 2013 and my due date was October 25, 2013. I also found out my baby was severely breeched at 36 weeks: he was literally head up – in the vertical position, not lopsided, not sideways, but totally vertical…head up. There was almost no chance of him turning on his own as I was too late in my pregnancy and he would have to basically do an 180 on his own. My Ob/Gyn told me that my only options for delivering….

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Sarah G.

I was asked to write my story, but I must preface, that it is just that: MY story. We are all different, our bodies are different, and G-d’s plan for us is different. So, this is about what happened to me, and as for you, you need to make the best decisions that you and your care provider can make. And then you need to pray.

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Alyssa R.

My due date was May 3rd, we were planning a home birth with the incredible midwives at Gracefull Birthing in Los Angeles, CA. We had a check-in appointment on Friday, May 2nd just to see how we were progressing in anticipation of a possible birth the following day. Up to this point, all of our prenatal visits had been “textbook”: the baby was head down the entire time, I was gaining weight appropriately. My diet was great, and we had been experiencing normal Braxton-Hicks contractions for a…

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