Informed Pregnancy Podcast

Ep. 400 Ina May Gaskin on Midwifery

Independent Podcast Network | Informed Pregnancy | 03/28/2024


Author, educator, mother, and grandmother Ina May Gaskin joins the podcast in celebration of our 400th episode! She single handedly resuscitated the practice of modern midwifery, founded and directed The Farm Midwifery Center in Tennessee, and retired only after 44 years of attending births. We are honored to have Ina May here in conversation.

A special thank you goes to Sarah Culver on Ina May’s team for her tireless assistance in helping us produce this episode! We appreciate you!

Connect with Ina May Gaskin online: Ina May on Facebook

Learn more about Ina May: National Women’s Hall of Fame

Reach Sarah here: @thesteadathomemom

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