• Dr. Elliot Berlin, DC
  • Jan 04, 23
  • 3 min read

41. 23 Resolutions – Dr. Elliot Berlin, DC

"Doing acts of kindness benefits us all. They boost feelings of confidence, control, happiness and optimism. Sign me up for that!"

♫ It’s the most resolute time of the year! ♫

With tension everywhere these days, my 2023 New Year’s Resolution is to adopt habits and practices that reduce stress, promote happiness and help make the worlds around and within me better places. I invite you to join me by taking on one or more of Dr. B’s ‘Be’s’ this year.

Be Proactive


Being proactive means taking responsibility for making things happen rather than responding to things that have already happened.

Waiting for opportunities to fall in our laps rarely leads to success. Let’s take the reins on the things we can control so we can push forward and accomplish our goals. When we do this we avoid wasting precious energy spinning our wheels or focusing on those things that are beyond our influence.

Be Kind

A little bit of kindness goes a long way. When we express a simple smile or warm greeting we have the power to turn around someone’s otherwise blasé day. People tend to pay kindness forward so I invite you to be the first link in a chain of kindness and positivity that will cycle through your whole community.

Doing acts of kindness benefits us all. They boost feelings of confidence, control, happiness and optimism. Sign me up for that!

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Be Present

Being present, or mindful, means being focused and engaged in the current moment and not distracted by past worries or future planning. Anything you do in life you will do better if you can focus on what’s in front of you. I know for many this is easier said than done. For me, in order to shut out all the noise and fully enjoy spending time with my family I sometimes have to go out in the middle of nowhere and unplug from the digital universe. Then I can take in the complete experience of their feelings, expressions, mannerisms, voices and giggles.

Imagine the difference between scarfing down lunch on the run, and taking an hour to sit and enjoy your meal. Experience the appearance, aroma, taste, texture and even how the nutrients make you feel. Now imagine the meal is your child. Ok, that didn’t come out right – but you get my point.

Be Informed

As a new or expectant parent you have a lot of choices to make. Some people like to have choices made for them. I, and many others, like to be an active participant in conversations and decisions that affect me and my family. In order to be proactive and use our voices to choose from all the available options, we need information.



For the last ten years my Informed Pregnancy® team and I have set out to find and deliver unbiased information on everything pregnancy related from fertility to family and all the important stages in between. The podcast has grown tremendously over the years and the listener response has been heartwarming and encouraging.

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I look forward to growing in these ways and hope you will as well. May the new year bring you joy, health and peace and may you bring proactivity, kindness, and presence. Don’t worry about information – we’ve got you covered!

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Dr. Berlin is an award winning pregnancy-focused chiropractor, childbirth educator, and labor support doula as well as the host of the Informed Pregnancy Podcast where each week, parents, birth professionals, and parenting experts weigh in on a full range of topics surrounding the perinatal period. Dr. Berlin runs a successful perinatal wellness group in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Dr. Alyssa Berlin with whom he shares four kids and one dangerously smart Aussiedoodle.