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72. Suffering from Morning Sickness and Nausea? Homeopathy Can Help! – Shelly Fenig, DCHM

"The same condition in several people could be treated by different remedies for each person, because homeopathy doesn’t treat the condition per se, but rather, treats the individual, taking into account the specific symptomatology which each person presents. "

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Homeopathy is a gentle and natural form of medicine that works by triggering your body’s own immune system to kick in and repair symptoms. Its objective is to release the symptoms out of the body instead of suppressing or masking them. Homeopathic remedies are derived predominantly from plant, mineral, or animal products and are made by a series of dilutions and succussions ( vigorous shakings). Since they are ultra-diluted, they are safe for all ages and stages of life, including pregnancy and newborns. They have no known side effects, are non-toxic, and are not habit-forming

There are 4000+ homeopathic remedies, each different in the symptoms it targets. Some remedies are used for more general conditions, while others are used for specific ones. The same condition in several people could be treated by different remedies for each person, because homeopathy doesn’t treat the condition per se, but rather, treats the individual, taking into account the specific symptomatology which each person presents. When the best matching remedy is selected, the body’s immune system is reminded of its innate, incredible ability to rebalance itself and restore order to the organism.

In order to select the most appropriate remedy:

Notice your symptoms. In the case of morning sickness, this would include asking yourself

questions like:

  • Is your nausea worse or better at a specific time?
  • Does eating make your nausea worse or better?
  • Does the mere thought of food make you nauseous?
  • Is there any activity or position which aggravates or improves the nausea?
  • Do you notice any other unusual sensations or symptoms in the body?
  • Are you able to vomit and does vomiting make you feel better?
  • Do you prefer to be indoors and warm or, have windows open/be outdoors?
  • What kind of mood are you in?

Choose a remedy that best matches the majority of your symptoms. Not all symptoms need to match, but the main details that stand out about your condition should be covered by the remedy description.



Most Common Homeopathic Remedies For Morning Sickness:


  • Morning sickness with nausea at the thought of food or from the smell of food
  • Nausea worse on an empty stomach, especially before eating in the morning
  • Eating a small amount alleviates nausea
  • Better from exercise
  • Aversion to or ambivalence about partner, children, and sex
  • Irritable or depressed with crying
  • May have a sensation of things ‘falling out’ or heaviness in the abdomen or pelvic floor area
  • Feeling lethargic, especially from 4-6 pm


  • Nausea worse inside and better in the fresh air, even though may feel cold outside
  • Nausea worse when overeating or after eating fatty, greasy, rich foods, or fruit, milk, and bread
  • Nausea generally worse late afternoon and evening
  • Aversion to food
  • Great dryness in the mouth but no thirst
  • Keeping head high helps

Nux Vomica:

  • Nausea worse in the morning
  • Overstimulated nervous system, feelings of stress and anxiety, or
  • overworking/pushing oneself too hard
  • Insomnia: awakes between 3-5 am, finally falling back asleep early dawn with difficulty waking up refreshed in the morning
  • Great desire to vomit, feeling that vomiting will help, but often cannot
  • Lots of violent retching without actual vomiting
  • Pain in stomach 2-3 hours after eating, must loosen clothing

Ipecac (homeopathic):

  • Constant violent nausea with profuse saliva in mouth
  • Nausea not better by vomiting
  • No thirst


  • Nausea/vomiting from drinking water
  • Desires cold food and drinks, refreshing things
  • Nausea from washing hands with warm water
  • Nausea with faintness
  • Erect posture aggravates nausea, better lying down


  • Nausea with much desire for spitting
  • Nausea with cold sweat
  • Nausea from least movement
  • Improved in open air
  • Feels better after vomiting


  • Nausea from motion sickness ( boats, cars)


The most common potency to use for morning sickness is 30c. If you are someone who is very sensitive to medications, you can start with a 6c. Both of these potencies are usually available at your local health food store. 12c can also be used if that is available. One can order most remedies in most potencies from the comfort of home through online retailers.

Instructions for taking the remedy:

  • Nothing in the mouth ( food, water, toothpaste) for 10-15 minutes before and after remedy.
  • Suck 2 pellets of the remedy sublingually because remedy is best absorbed under the tongue.


Watch and observe your reaction to see if the remedy has triggered your immune system. You can redose as soon as every 90 minutes up to 4-5 times a day ONLY IF NEEDED. You may find that one dose each day is enough to provide the relief you need. Some people find that one dose lasts a few days. Each person is different, and homeopathic medicine should be used according to each person’s individual needs. The individualization is what makes homeopathy safe for everybody. Homeopathic remedies should only be taken if the symptoms still present; do not redose until symptoms return. If, after 3 doses given every couple hours, you notice no improvement, then choose a different remedy or consult with a homeopathic practitioner; as the one you tried is not the right one for you at this time.


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Shelly Fenig, DCHM, is a Classical Homeopath practicing in the Los Angeles Miracle Mile neighborhood. She sees clients of all ages in person and virtually. She is passionate about helping her clients heal and balance their mind-bodies for all sorts of ailments through homeopathy. She was introduced to homeopathy 22 years ago upon embarking on a journey to heal her own daughter, and feels

grateful to be able to perpetuate homeopathic healing with her parents, five children, their spouses, and her four grandchildren.

Learn more or contact her at www.sunflowerhomeopathy.com