Trial Of Labor

A documentary about modern childbirth from the mother’s perspective

Trial of Labor follows a small group of pregnant women and their journeys back to trusting themselves and their bodies after previous births ended in unplanned surgery.

Each woman has chosen to plan a vaginal birth after Cesarean, and the uncertainty of their imminent births evokes in each a personal reckoning: finding a path through unresolved feelings and difficult decisions to the ultimate, unpredictable event of childbirth.

“I’m speechless. It’s right up there with The Business of Being Born.”

“Amazing! Such an emotional, encouraging, thought provoking film.”

“Thank you for making this film so that more and more women can be educated on what birth can really be.”

“I hope every person who watches learns something about honoring the stories of the women around them. The victories and the struggles.”

“Watching it with my husband really helped him understand my pain…”