Dr. Nora Ghodousi-Zaghi, DDS Sep 27, 23 . min

Everything You Want To Know About Infant Tongue Ties From A Specialist and Mama

Diagnosing tongue and lip ties goes beyond physical appearance; it primarily revolves around assessing the restriction’s impact on functional movement. The evaluation focuses on how the tongue can move rather than just its appearance. Each case requires a thorough evaluation to determine the most appropriate course of action.

Sarah Goldberg Sep 20, 23 . min

So I had Postpartum Depression

"I was so happy with the way I was handling the new addition that my following depression blew me out of the water. My husband was away on a trip, and I got a new car. Sounds like a good thing, but somehow I found driving a new car with its new buttons and pockets in different places to be overwhelming. To be fair, it was also a nine-seater. I’ll let you sit with that."

Dr. Meghna Dassani, DMD Sep 13, 23 . min

A Breath of Fresh Air: Early Detection and Management of Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea

"Parents and healthcare providers need to take pediatric OSA seriously. But they should also know that the condition is highly manageable with the right treatment. Diagnosing pediatric OSA typically involves a comprehensive sleep study called polysomnography. This test monitors several physiological parameters during sleep, including brain waves, heart rate, oxygen levels, and respiratory patterns."

Celeste Yvonne Sep 06, 23 . min

The Problem with Mommy Wine Culture, and it’s Not the Wine

By Celeste Yvonne "With the rise of women returning to work postpartum, mothers in the 21st century have faced an unprecedented time in traditional partnerships where the mother works full time yet remains largely responsible for the household duties, the invisible work, and emotional labor that play integral roles in keeping a household running smoothly."

Dr. Sarah Dirks, DC Aug 30, 23 . 3 min

Craniosacral Therapy for Infants and Newborns

By Dr. Sarah Dirks, DC "The pressure used during therapy is less than the weight of a nickel and most of the movements are so slight that they are often missed by the parents as the practitioner moves through the treatment. "

Dr. Etel Leit Aug 23, 23 . 5 min

Unlocking the Magic of Baby Sign Language: Enhancing Communication and Strengthening Bonds

By Dr. Etel Leit "When caregivers can understand and respond to their baby's signs, it creates a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. It enhances the joy of parenting, reduces stress, and strengthens the caregiver-child relationship."

Dr. Alyssa Berlin, PsyD Aug 16, 23 . 4 min

Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Therapist

By Dr. Alyssa Berlin, PsyD "Sometimes you have to try a few before you find the “right” one. As a practicing psychologist myself, I know that I am not for everyone, which is why I sometimes refer people out to other professionals that I know will be better suited to help them with their individual needs. I trust that other professionals will do the same when they know there’s a better option for their client."

Rachel Mans, SpBCPE, CBE, BAI CD Aug 09, 23 . 4 min

Essential Oils During Birth: Quick and Easy Tidbits for Practical and Safe Use

By Rachel Mans, SpBCPE, CBE, BAI CD "Don’t diffuse oils into the room. This can be so tempting! BUT, smell is a strong sense, and, during birth, it can be a fickle sense. You may love an aroma one moment, and hate it the next. Once the aroma is in the room, it is very hard to remove."

Melissa Bond Aug 02, 23 . 5 min

Gift of the Surprise Diagnosis

By Melissa Bond "My naiveté, my ignorance and egocentricity pain me now. My assumption that my child would be just like me, excluded any possibility of disability because those with disabilities were invisible to me back then. I went into the NICU blind and came out with a son burning a brilliant new light into my eyes."

Jessica Zadeh, MS, CHC, HNC Jul 26, 23 . 4 min

Gestational Diabetes, Part II – Jessica Zadeh, MS, CHC, HNC

Walking is shown to significantly reduce stress and blood pressure as well as low impact, muscle building activities like Yoga and Pilates, Barre workouts, swimming and hiking. Workouts that increase muscle mass and bone density help to stabilize blood sugar, cause insulin levels to drop and help the body to store less fat."

Jessica Zadeh, MS, CHC, HNC Jul 19, 23 . 3 min

Gestational Diabetes, Part I – Jessica Zadeh, MS, CHC, HNC

"When we consume carbohydrates, they’re broken down into sugar molecules which travel throughout the bloodstream, ideally going on to fuel our muscles and brain. However, if we’re not producing enough insulin or if baby is taking too much, these molecules build up in the bloodstream causing blood sugar levels to rise & increase inflammation throughout the body."

Informed Pregnancy and Parenting Project Jul 18, 23 . 29 min

Ep. 356 Rumer Willis: After Birth – The Informed Pregnancy Podcast

Elliot: Welcome back to the Informed Pregnancy and Parenting Podcast. I'm your host, pregnancy-focused chiropractor, Dr. Elliot Berlin.

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